Our health and wellness is shaped by many broad factors: individual knowledge and behaviors; social influences, including our friends and family; places where we spend time, such as school and work; and broader influences such as access to care, community design and policies that affect how we live.


The Montana Nutrition and Physical Activity (NAPA) Program’s Building Active Communities Initiative (BACI) is a project in cooperation with Montana State University’s Office of Rural Health. The project's mission is to make active living and healthy eating easier everywhere Montanans live, work, learn and play.

The mission of Montana’s Rural Health Initiative (RHI) is to create a dynamic network linking prevention and community-based wellness programs throughout Montana to stimulate a higher level of wellness across the state.

The Montana Office of Rural Health and AHEC Program Office, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, and the Montana Health Care Foundation hosted the Montana Healthy Communities Conference on October 27th and 28th. This 1.5 day conference brought over 200 professionals from the community development and health and human services fields together to address "upstream" factors that influence health.

The Montana AHEC Program Office (and 4 other awardee AHECs) recently received a small grant to implement Project SHARE in order to promote Teen Health Information Literacy. Project SHARE is a comprehensive Health Information Literacy curriculum (For more information: Project SHARE will be implemented at Ronan High School and embedded into their Health Science class. Additionally, portions of the curriculum will be utilized at the Montana HOSA State Leadership Conference and MedStart summer camps throughout the state.