• October: "Dementia Care Across Montana" Presented by Miranda Meunier with Billings Clinic
  • September: "Alzheimer's Association Resources & Support" Presented by Whitney Thompson, Director of Programs and Services, Alzheimer's Association, Montana Chapter









  • February:Webinar Series: Leveraging Community Partnerships to Improve School and Community Health







  • January: "Building Active Communities Initiative Webinar" Presented by Cathy Costakis, MSU, DPHHS- Nutrition and Physical Activity Program, Meg Traci, UM, DPHHS-Montana Disability and Health Program, and Chris Danley, Alta Planning + Design 



  • January: "School Breakfast: What’s the Big Deal?" Tips on how to expand and maximize the potential of your school’s breakfast program. Presented by: Tirza Asbell, Lynne Keenan, Wanda Sand and Ed Christensen of the Montana Food Bank Network
  • January: Shape Up Montana” Presented by: Karen Sandford Gall and Taryn Struck from Big Sky State Games
  • January: “Healthcare Grants 101” Presented by: Victoria Cech, MHA. There was technical problem with this recording and it will not be posted. Our apologies, Montana RHI.
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