AHEC/ORH Advisory Board Minutes

April 2, 2018
10:00 to Noon

Type of meeting: AHEC/ORH Advisory Board via Webex


Kristin Juliar, Natalie Claiborne, Jim DeTienne, Carly Holan, Christine Williams, Mary Helgeson, Natascha Robinson, Renee Erlandsen, Sheila Nielsen, Thelma McCloskey-Armstrong, Jean Branscum, Dick Brown, Kaye Norris ,Shani Rich, Sarah Shannon, Victoria Cech, Cindra Stahl

Agenda topics

Welcome and Introductions

  • Kristin Juliar, MT AHEC/ORH Director

Western MT AHEC Board Structure and subcommittees

  • Carly Holman, Western MT AHEC

With the goal of reinvigorating their Advisory Board, Western MT AHEC has restructured with three working subcommittees:  Career Awareness, Education and Training, and Workforce Development.  Each subcommittee has from 8-10 members and will meet on a monthly basis.  Each subcommittee will develop strategies and workplans which will feed back to the Western MT AHEC, the MT AHEC, and other statewide stakeholders.  The subcommittees have just started their meetings.  The MT AHEC looks forward to learning of subcommittee progress through the upcoming year.  Perhaps this is a structure that other regional AHECs may want to consider for their boards.

Overview of AHEC statewide Programs

  • Kristin Juliar

Kris continues the Career Awareness discussion with an overview of ongoing AHEC programs.  These programs include:  REACH camps, MedStart Camps, Heads Up Camps, Tribal healthcare camps, HOSA, MHA Academy (currently offering CNA training and soon to offer CHW and Behavioral Health Fundamentals), WWAMI Track Offices, health professions continuing education opportunities, and the HPV Vaccine programs.  In addition, the pathways brochure and the dental career brochure are published annually.  Additional presenters included Christine Williams, Natascha Robinson, Shani Rich, and Mary Helgeson.

Dick Brown suggests that AHECs host a Summit with key partners to describe program offerings across the state.  A Summit would also offer and opportunity to generate new partnerships.

Sheila Nielsen notes that tracking “pre-health” students would offer useful information.

Renee Erlandsen discusses the Pathways in Health Science (OPI).

The MUS Healthcare Coordinating Committee (recently convened by John Cech at OCHE) is a venue to pull many projects and stakeholders together.

We also need to develop champions in Public Health across the state.

AHEC Scholars Program

  • Kristin Juliar


Kris discussed progress made to date on development of the Montana AHEC Scholars program including HRSA requirements, timeline, partners (including the WWAMI AHECs), assessment of existing and ongoing IPE in Montana, and structured interviews with health professions programs across the state.  Mary and Carly hosted student focus groups in Billings and Missoula, and they discussed emerging themes for the groups. 

Three questions for the Advisory Board related to collaborative planning:

  1. From your perspective, what would it mean to be recognized as an AHEC Interprofessional Scholar?
  2. What value would communities and healthcare organizations gain from having AHEC Interprofessional Scholars?
  3. Can you imagine good venues for health professions students from several disciplines to have a meaningful community- based experience?

AHECs must establish and support the value in IPE.  Possibly develop a “transcript” like document to formally convey the information, although we need to develop a tracking mechanism for documentation.

Jean Branscum suggested developing a thoughtful communication plan to build and establish the credentials.

Victoria Cech notes the IPE would be very valuable in Antibiotic Stewardship, integrated behavioral health, care coordination and other healthcare areas.

 Sarah Shannon notes four specific IPE Core Competency Domains, which include:

  •  Values/Ethics for Interprofessional Practice, Roles/Responsibilities, Interprofessional Communication, and Teams and Teamwork.
  • Staff and employees can help to move efforts forward in healthcare settings.

Workforce Development

  • Kristin Juliar

Discussion continues in the workforce development area.
Three additional questions for the Advisory Committee:

  1.  How does the AHEC Advisory Committee relate to the MT HC Workforce Advisory Committee?
  2. What are the most critical areas for AHEC to focus on?
  3. Are there creative solutions you have observed that we should pursue?

 Dick Brown cautions that there may be too many players.  We need to pull all stakeholders together for united IPE effort.

The MUS system must work closely with AHECs statewide.


Next Advisory Board Meeting in Helena on June 4, 2018, from 10 till noon.  This will be a strategic planning meeting.