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What are the canvases for?

The set of five tools will help you organize your thinking, align your team, and design powerful strategies for improving health in your community.   In the course of completing this design journey, you will explore the challenges that face community members, the broader context in which everyone is living, the vision that will guide your work, the resources that will be required, and the critical action steps necessary to advance. Gather your colleagues and key partners – this work can be done in-person or virtually, and allow yourselves to design a compelling and impactful future that is grounded in your community’s needs.

Do Tank's Role in the Virtual Journey

  • 4 facilitated design thinking sessions with local team breakouts. These sessions are stackable or progressive, where they build upon each other. Mark your calendars to attend every session in the Virtual Journey, and invite your team members and community stakeholders to join.
  • Detailed and specific guidance, with custom Montana tools, about how to use design thinking to create a common vision and plan.
  • Sessions will foster learning communities at the local level to increase skills in designing strategic approaches to healthier communities.
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Meet the Healthy Communities Conference Do Tank Facilitors 


Jarrod Lowery

Do Tank
Business Designer

Jarrod is a Business Designer who joined our Chicago team in 2017.

He drives client success using design thinking and visual tools in fast-paced, high-impact engagements. Jarrod is a shrewd strategist and relentless learner who enjoys helping clients experience true "Aha!" moments.

Prior to joining Do Tank, Jarrod spent four years running strategic planning processes and managing cross-functional projects in the industrial equipment space.

Jarrod holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from Indiana University.


Frankie Schiller

Do Tank
Business Designer

Frankie is a Business Designer who joined our Chicago team in 2019.

Frankie uses her multidisciplinary perspective to help clients innovate quickly with radical empathy and scientific experimentation. She enjoys encouraging people to think in new ways and unlock their creative potential.

In her past experience, Frankie was a nonprofit fundraiser, social worker, and founder of a healthcare startup.

Frankie holds a bachelor's degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and two master's degrees—an MBA and an MSW—from the University of Chicago.