The Montana Simulation Champions Network (MSCN) is an extension of Workforce Development within the Montana Office of Rural Health and Area Healthcare Education Center (MORH/AHEC). Healthcare simulation training in Montana supports rural health providers wherever they live or work. Rare clinical experiences replicated through simulation prepare healthcare providers everywhere. The Montana Simulation Champions Network (MSCN) supports simulation leaders, facilitators, and learners throughout Montana. Infrastructure support of the MSCN provided by the MORH/AHEC benefits members with Web hosting and access to Canvas learning management system.

Why Create the MSCN?

Healthcare simulation represents exciting new frontiers in healthcare education technique. The research and science of healthcare simulation deserves distribution and exploration. The MSCN provides members with access to best practices, resources, and continuing education.

MSCN Leadership Responsibilities
Benefits of Membership with MSCN

Create and maintain access to network for membership

Advocate simulation education to stakeholders

Provide conduit to national and international simulation organizations

Coordinate quarterly educational webinars

Establish financial foundation to fund annual conference

Recruit and organize regional leadership matching AHEC regions

  • Simulation scenarios sharing library
  • Quarterly webinar meetings
  • Annual in-person conferences
  • Simulation learning modules
  • Online member forum
  • Simulation education networking
  • Simulation marketplace


Interested in learning more about MSCN? Contact Joe Poole using the information below!

Contact Info


Joe Poole

Mark & Robyn Jones College of Nursing Simulation Co-Coordinator

Simulation Lead, Bozeman Campus