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The Montana AHEC mission is to improve the supply and distribution of healthcare professionals, with an emphasis on primary care, through community/academic educational partnerships, in order to increase the access to quality healthcare.


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Congratulations to our National Rural Health Day Contest WINNER -- Alexander Cruz Martinez!

NRHD Winner

Mr. George Clow and Alexander Cruz Martinez

Please read Alexander's Submission!

My name is Alexander Cruz Martinez and I am a Sophomore at Senior High. I interviewed George Clow, who works in the EMS section of the Red Lodge Fire Rescue organization. 

For George Clow, the biggest challenge of working in the rural community is that they are primarily a volunteer organization and it is hard to find skilled volunteers. 

"One of the big challenges we have is making sure we have enough volunteers to cover 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 a year" says Clow. "One of the biggest challenges we have is being sure that we not only have enough people to staff those calls, but we count on our volunteers to have the skill sets to be able to deal with any type of medical emergency that they are going to find" said Clow. The tourists also can be challenging. More tourists can equal more accidents. "We have ski mountain, Beartooth Pass, and a number of things that draw tourists to visit and as a result we have a lot of ambulance calls, medical as well as trauma" says Clow. 

They have about three full time paramedics to respond to the city of Red Lodge. Another challenge is the mountainous region. It is challenging to respond to people that are lost or injured in the woods or mountains.

Mr. Clow also said "I think what we all get out of it is really that sense of really helping people, you are doing something that nobody else can do," says Clow, "People I work with I know we all are looking to help somebody." They receive a lot of thank you cards and cookies and gifts from families and relatives. That's one of the best parts of the job.

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated!

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