Established in 1991 by Governors’ designation and start-up support from the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, the Montana Office of Rural Health (MORH) is a partnership between the US Federal Government, the State of Montana and Montana State University. The MORH is one of the 50 state offices of rural health in the nation funded through the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HRSA). The state offices of rural health are charged with being a source of coordination, technical assistance, and networking; partnership development; and assisting in the recruitment and retention of health care providers.

MORH works with federal, state and local partners to offer services and resources to rural healthcare providers, facilities and communities. The MORH is proud to collaborate with various organizations, health departments, hospitals, government and academia. MORH is committed to provide rural health leadership for the state’s diverse and inclusive statewide constituency of stakeholders.