The MSU CON Mobile Health Training Program may be right for you if you come from a rural community, want to work with individuals and families to promote their health and prevent chronic disease, and/or want to work with high-priority populations to improve health equity and the distribution of health resources beyond population centers.

Mobile Health Training Program Steps
Clinical Travel Reimbursement
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AHEC Scholars Program
MHTP Roster

The Mobile Health Training Program application cycle is currently open

Please apply for the Mobile Health Training Program and AHEC Scholars Program using the link below.


What is the Mobile Health Training Program?

The MSU College of Nursing was awarded a $4 million grant to enrich our classroom and clinical education with the primary care emphasis that is changing how healthcare is delivered in Montana. By pairing your classroom and clinical experiences to the transformation of the total healthcare environment that is underway, you will be ideally-prepared for a role in primary care when you receive your bachelor’s degree and enter the nursing workforce.

Participation benefits include:

  • Funded travel to rural care settings from any MSU nursing campus for selected clinical course-work
  • Funded participation in some elective courses
  • Funded travel to the Western Institute of Nursing conference
  • Working effectively with seasoned nurse preceptors and care providers from other disciplines to provide wrap-around care
  • Become a Montana Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Scholar

Program Advisor

If you have any questions about the MHTP or AHEC Scholars, please connect with your advisor, Nicole Holt:


Nicole Holt

Program Advisor for All Campuses

   309 Culbertson Hall
   (406) 994-6252 




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